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Von Schweikert Audio

Von Schweikert Audio (VSA) has been at the forefront of High-End Audio speaker engineering for more than 30 years. Handcrafted in the U.S.A., their heirloom products have earned more than 90 industry awards including eight Product of the Year awards as well as Top 25 Speakers of All Time from the world-wide critical press.


VSA is unique from other speaker manufactures in having a Chief Engineer who guides the direction of the corporation. They therefore dedicate far more time and resources to research and engineering rather than marketing. This single-minded focus on achieving sonic perfection has led to many breakthroughs in speaker designs, including Mr. Von Schweikert’s conclusion that a “correctly” designed loudspeaker’s goal is to accurately “decode” the information received by the microphone. In essence, a loudspeaker should work like a microphone in reverse. This fact, coupled with his great understanding of Psychoacoustics (the way the mind interprets sound), has been the foundation of his research.




VR-44 Aktive

The VR-44 loudspeakers represented a significant change to the already well-respected VR-4 platform, which had been recognized as one of the Top 25 Best Speakers of All Time by Improvements were focused on resolution, transparency, and room adaption. This meant a new cabinet resonance-control design and a new cone technology with high internal damping. Superior image focus and 3-D layering is accomplished with a new driver array that received spcial attention to time alignment. The speakers are offered with or without an optional powered subwoofer system.

hrs isolation stand

VR-55 Aktive

Featuring ceramic honeycomb woofers and midrange drivers along with a damped Beryllium dome tweeter, the measured distortion is less than 0.5% at normal listening levels. These drivers, when mounted in our Pat. Pending Triple Wall Laminate noise reducing cabinet, will reproduce the sonic tapestry with clarity and musicality that we have all been searching for. The VR-55 could be the ‘Holy Grail’ of sound engineering!


We proudly display the VR-55 Aktive loudspeakers in our showroom.







Other Products

VSA offers an array of other speakers for a variety of uses. They offer Center Channel speakers, Bookshelf speaker, and subwoofers. Accurate loudspeaker reproduction, the focus of Albert Von Schweikert's research, is not limited to two-channel audio.


Their flagship speaker, the VR-11SE Mk2 ($225,000) boasts powerful, tight bass down to 10 Hz, astonishingly clear midrange, smooth highs to 50kHz, three dimensional imaging and much more.


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