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TAD Labs

Technical Audio Devices (TAD) is a leading manufacturer of quality loudspeakers for professional and general consumer markets. Since 1975, TAD Pro Audio loudspeakers have been used in recording studios and professional sound production environments worldwide. With the establishment of TAD Home Audio, the company delivers professional studio quality audio to consumers


Over the last several years, TAD has been expanding its line of hi-end speakers and components, including power amplifiers, preamplifiers, and disc players.

While TAD has enjoyed high praises for their entire line of audiophile quality equipment, we at Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems are particularly fond of their loudspeakers. At the heart of these impressive speakers is the CST (Coherent Source Transducer) technology which allows controlled directivity over a wide range from a single point with uniform phase.




TAD Reference One

Robert Harley's review of the TAD Reference One loudspeakers (Absolute Sound, Nov 2011) provides a nice summary of this world-class product. The ultra high-end speaker system is based on highly advanced technology developed by TAD, including:

  • Coherent Source Transducer (CST) technology that allows unprecedented wide-range reproduction and directivity control
  • Unique vapor deposition technique that results in a beryllium diaphragm with unmatched quality and precision
  • The adoption of ISO drive technology to maximize the potential of the CST technology
  • OFGMS (Optimized Field Geometry Magnet Structure) magnetic circuit to realize extremely accurate linear drive
  • Tri-laminate construction of the bass driver diaphragm means the diaphragm doesn't deform even during high amplitude bass output
  • A SILENT (Structurally Inert Laminated Enclosure Technology) cabinet ensures immense strength and stability

hrs isolation stand

TAD Compact Reference (CR1)

The CR1 takes advantage of all of the top-level technologies the went into the flagship, Reference One model and provides - in a compact size - point-source sound of remarkable quality.


We proudly display the CR1 loudspeakers in our showroom.







TAD Evolution Series E1

TAD's more affordable line of components, the Evolution Series, is headed up by the E1 speaker, which uses a concentric tweeter and midrange unit (like the Reference One). The tweeter dome is beryllium, but the midrange diaphragm is magnesium (rather than beryllium like the Reference line) and the unit is built on a smaller chassis.

As TAD describes it: the "Evolution One ... inherits the TAD Reference One DNA yet blazes its trail."


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