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Soltanus Acoustics

Soltanus Acoustics is a manufacturer of high end electrostatic loudspeakers with worldwide distribution.


Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems is one of only a few North American dealers to represent Serbian-based Soltanus Acoustics. Soltanus manufactures a number of electrostatic loudspeakers designed to fit a range of listeners' sound preference and price point.

In designing speakers, Soltanus claims, "we use high-tech measurements, but only in a way a viticulturist uses a glass of wine during wine tasting. The essence of a glass of wine is the experience. It’s the same with loudspeakers."


The Virtuoso ESLs have enjoyed great success at a number of international audiophile trade shows and have received rave reviews. Click on any of the following to read more about these unique and exciting speakers.


Virtuoso ESL Speakers

On display at Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems are the Virtuoso ESLs, the world's first crossoverless multipanel electrostatic loudspeakers.


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