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Sim2 USA

SIM2 is an Italian electronics company and worldwide manufacturer of award winning home theater products and was among the first in the world to develop high definition projectors.

Grand Cinema Line

These projectors offer a real movie experience and gives "the magic of true cinema at home". This flagship line features a choice of 4 models that offer unprecedentd picture quality.



HB Line

Sim2 describes its HB line as offering the "ultimate professional experience" with reliable units that are built to work about the clock while offering superb color accuracy and reliability.

M Line

The World 1st Multipurpose and "Green" projector line: lamp and color-wheel free. Long-life and high efficiency LEDs. Inspire creativity and add vitality to the home by painting with light.



Domino Line

Today's home entertainment systems demand that a projector be capable of producing high quality images from any and all video devices in a variety of room lighting levels. The Domino Line, offering a choice of 5 models, does just that.


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