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MSB Technology

With a legacy of designing and manufacturing high-end CD players and D/A converters spanning more than twenty years, MSB continues to exhibit leadership in digital audio technology.


The DAC V is MSB's most recent offering and it boasts many of the technology created in the development of MSB's flagship product, the Select DAC.. Like its predecessors, the DAC V does not use any off-the-shelf DAC chips or digital filter chips. Everything is designed and built in house including digital filters, reclocking scheme and other special internal processes that takes advantage of the extraordinary performance of MSB's proprietary hyper bandwidth DAC modules.


The Diamond DAC V includes ALL the technology of the 2014 Select DAC, plus additional improvements. Features include:


  • Four 26-bit Diamond DAC modules providing a true 27 bit resolution
  • 5 independent power supplies providing ultra fast adn clean analog power for the DACs and clock
  • 2 SHARC DSPs with 80 bit precision
  • Femto 140 Clock included (optional 77 femtosecond Galaxy clock available)
  • Hand optimization of shielding magnetic fields for noise reducation of 10-15 dBs
  • Custom 32x Digital filter
  • Advanced thermal design
  • Much, much more


Analog DAC

The Analog DAC offers the integration of MSB's most advanced clock, digital filtering and ladder DAC technology in a simple but incredibly advanced package.

hrs isolation stand

MSB Proprietary Pro I2S Network

The MSB Pro I2S network, a high bandwidth, ultralow jitter, multi-channel, digital interface, is ideally suited for today’s high-speed audio and video transmission needs.


At Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems, we feel so strongly about the unparalleled performance benefits that we co-developed the proprietary 384/32 Digital Output™ USB converter which leverages the technology in the Pro I2S network. As such, when paired with the any current MSB DAC containing the Pro I2S network, the 384/32 Digital Output™ is slaved to the MSB DAC clock providing ultra low jitter.



Come see and hear the new MSB Diamond DAC V paired with the Blue Smoke Black Box II™ and 384/32 Digital Output™ in our showroom!


For more information about these and other MSB Technology products, visit their website.