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Master Built Audio Cables

Master Built audio cables use advanced technology and materials to maximize transparency and eliminate distortion imposed by other audio cables


Master Built audio cables were borne out of eight years of research in areas of metallurgy, electric field effects, and dielectric materials by Delphi Aerospace in collaboration with Albert Von Schweikert. Delphi Aerospace has contracted to provide cabling for projects on the International Space Station and the space shuttle program. Their research required them to design cables that would conduct an electrical signal without any measureable resistances or reactances over a distance of 26 miles. Master Built cables leverage the outcome of that research in its design and materials, producing audio cables that offer unparalelled transparency, detail and sound stage.





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Speaker Cables

Master Built speaker cables are available in four levels from the affordable Purple Live through the cost-no-object Ultra speaker cables serving as their top of the line product. The Ultra speaker cables are those that utilize "exotic rare metals" specifically designed for use in aerospace and superconducter applications.

Interconnect Cables

Like the speaker cables, the Master Built interconnects are available in four levels, for both single ended RCA or balanced XLR configurations. The Purple line shares the same design principles as the Standard and Signature versions and reduces costs through the use of a less expensive jacket and plug configuration. Like the Ultra level speaker cables, the Ultra ICs are made from the proprietary alloy developed for aerospace and superconductor applications..

Power Cords

Master Built power cords have been designed to reject RFI (radio frequency interference) and other extraneous sources of noise that are generated by electrical appliances, motors, etc. In addition, they are designed to avoid radiating noise into the cables nearby, such as speaker cables and interconnect cables

Phono Cable

Only one phono cable is available, made to order. The conduction path is the purest available, cost-no-object. Shielding will keep the background at a pure black level, with a total elimination of noise or any type of compression of your expensive phono cartridge's signal.

Digital Cables

The “all-out” technology used in Master Built digital cables enables them to have the lowest noise floor and purest signal path that is possible to design. If you own an expensive DAC and music server or transport, you owe it to yourself to hear this cable if you are seeking the ultimate in sound quality.