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Harmonic Resolution Systems

Harmonic Resolution Systems Inc (HRS) is a manufacturer of Industry-leading isolation and resonance control products designed to significantly reduce structure-borne and air-borne vibration over the entire frequency range of any audio system.


Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems is a Platinum HRS dealer, meaning we are certified to sell all HRS products, including the reference level SXR and MXR products. On display in our dedicated listening room is a gloss black, double wide x four high MXR.

According to HRS, there are two primary noise paths that degrade audio and video signal quality. There is structure borne vibration that is traveling trough the structure and there is the air borne path coming from the energy in the room traveling through the air to the component chassis directly.

The structural borne vibration is significantly reduced by use of Harmonic Resolution Systems audio stand frames and isolation bases. The air borne energy and resulting chassis noise is dramatically reduced by use of their Nimbus and Damping Plate Products




Isolation Bases

HRS isolation bases are a primary element for significantly reducing structural borne noise in any audio or video component. They provide significant performance gain to a very wide range of components and systems.

The M3X Isolation Base is the latest generation of reference level isolation bases from Harmonic Resolution Systems. It is manufactured from six different materials including two proprietary polymers, billet machined aircraft aluminum, and polished black granite. The M3X load range is matched to the component weight for maximum performance and can be modified in the future to preserve initial investment.

The highly acclaimed HRS isolation bases can be used along or can load directly into the audio standframe as the shelf system.

hrs isolation stand

Audio Stands

The MXR audio stand is an industry leading design that eliminates noise and reveals a new level of musical performance. The frame itself is manufactured from six different materials including billet-machined aircraft aluminums and exotic finishes over a composite inner frame structure. The MXR frame optimizes isolation base performance while offering unique flexibility and functionality. It is the last system you will ever need.

The SXR audio stand was developed based on the same engineering principles and concepts as the reference level MXR but it is executed in a different and innovative way that provides a great deal of performance at a lower price point that provides HRS performance to a wider range of systems.







Nimbus System, Damping Plates and Analog Disk

HRS offers a number of products engineered to minimize the second source of vibration in audio sytemss: air-borne vibration (sound). The source of air-borne vibration is often loudspeakers, humans, and other vibrating devices within audible reach of the system.


The HRS Nimbus system is placed directly on the shelf supporting your component with one of the all polymer Nimbus couplers in contact with the surface of the shelf and another in direct contact with the bottom chassis of the component (not the existing component feet). The Nimbus spacer is selected to give you the desired height of the system.


The HRS Damping Plate is placed directly on top of an electronic component chassis with the soft side (a custom formulated elastomer) of the damping plate in contact with the chassis surface. The greater the surface area covered by the damping plates the greater the improvement in audio/video performance.

HRS Analog Disk record weight is a highly innovative design that eliminates record groove noise revealing a new level of musical performance. It is manufactured from a proprietary polymer and billet-machined black anodized aircraft aluminum bonded together using a precision transfer mold with less than one thousandth of an inch tolerance for perfect alignment and balance.



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