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Bag End

Bag End produces loudspeakers and professional acoustic equipment for a variety of uses, including in-studio, professional venues, home audio systems, and cinema. Best known for their loudspeakers and subwoofers, Bag End's greatest contribution to the audiophile community may be found in their electronic bass trap technology.


At Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems, we are big fans of Bag End's E-trap electronic bass traps. In fact, we would go so far as to say that they are "game changers" in the world of room treatment.


The electronic bass trap offers a precise tool to attack the very worst problems with low frequency sound, and they provide a uniquely impressive way to improve uniformity of acoustic characteristics in a room. Bass "ringing" can be virtually eliminated



How the E-Trap Works

The E-Trap is comprised of two sensing microphones (front and back of cabinet, user-selectable), processing circuitry, amplification and a speaker. The processing circuitry allows the targeting of up to two discrete center frequencies in the 20 to 65 Hz range (or up to 80 Hz or greater with custom tuning) for its electronic dampening. Controls are provided for coarse and fine-tuning, feedback amount and contour (interdependent Q + feedback) for each of the two channels.


It incorporates a patented feedback control scheme, making the speaker exhibit the same dynamics as that of a reactive absorber. This active feedback adds damping to a room mode at the tuned frequency.


Because it is active, the E-Trap is capable of adding considerable damping to a room and still be very small in size.


Setting up the E-Traps

To achieve optimal performance, multiple E-traps must be carefully located and finely tuned to effectively manage bass modes below 80 Hz. Call us at Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems to discuss the capabilities of this technology and/or to hear the power of E-trap technology in our own dedicated listening room. We provide expert installation/set-up services when requested.

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