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Avantgarde Acoustic

German-based Avantgarde Acoustics has been engineering and manufacturing spherical horn speaker systems since 1991.


The Avantgarde mission, "Purity meets Performance", accurately reflects their achievement: speakers that provide a listening experience that remains true to the original music through engineering developments that push new limits of technology.


Avantgarde boasts its honor of contradicitons: their history is a story of both the" experiment for the scientist" and the "intentional restraint of the minimalist."


Nowhere is this mission more achieved than in their Zero 1 Pro loudspeaker system. At Blue Smoke, we are proud to display this unique and ground breaking speaker.



About the Zero 1

In a review of the Zero 1 loudspeakers, Jonathan Valin (Absolute Sound, September, 2014) claims that the speaker system "is far and away the most ingenious and sonically successful compact horn loudspeaker I've ever heard (and in many ways one of the freshest, most brilliantly engineered, and strikingly styled loudspeakers of any kind I've come across in years.") In that review, he highlights some of the unique and impressive features of the Zero 1:

  • Bauhaus-like enclosure made of a sandwich of polyurethane foams. The random distribution of randomly-sized bubbles in the center section of the sandwich makes the entire structure highly non-resonant and self-damping
  • Each driver is powered by its own built-in amplifier. Both the tweeter and the midrange use 50W, zero-negative-feedback, Class A solid-state amps, the power supplies of which are identical to the power supply in Avantgarde’s flagship XA amplifier. A 400W Class D amplifier is used to power the woofer.
  • A digital crossover network using 66-bit FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays—essentially computer chips that are designed and programmed to order)— and FIR (Finite Impulse Response) algorithms to optimize the entire speaker’s amplitude, impulse, and phase response.
  • Built in DAC and amplification so that all you have to add is a source and a USB or AES/EBU or SPDIF or TosLink cable.

Avantgarde Zero 1 Pro

The ZERO 1 is a 3-way active amplified loudspeaker system that provides a "plug and play" solution for your digital input. It boasts spherical-horn-loaded tweeter, spherical-horn-loaded midrange and a direct-radiating cone tweeter.


Schedule an appointment to hear this revolutionary system sourced by the Blue Smoke Entertainment System Black Box II™ and 384/32 Digital Output™ combination over AES/EBU.








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