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Analog Domain Audio

Analog Domain Audio is best known for their over-the-top high end amplifiers.


Analog Domain proudly states that "ultimate performance and unconditional reliability are the two invariable features of all our products." They are now branching out to provide more "affordable" audiophile equipment and will be introducing both a new speaker and DAC.

Blue Smoke Entertainment Systems proudly demonstrated the ground-breaking DAC1 at AXPONA 2017 and will be receiving the soon to be released Argus speaker system in early 2018.


Analog Domain DAC1

The Analog Domain DAC1 is a high performance state of the art digital to analog converter designed for faithful reproduction of digitized music. It will accept all current and future digital formats up to S/PDIF 384kHz/32bits, DSD64 (1x), DSD128 (2x) and DSD256 (4x).

All input data, regardless of its format, is converted to 24 bits and asynchronously resampled at a very high rate. DSD is unpacked, converted to PCM and resampled. The resampled data enters a Digital Filter. The Digital Filter is configured in optimal mode for the output format of the Sample Rate Converter, therefore there are no user-selectable filter modes. Data then enters the DAC stage where it is converted into an analog signal.

hrs isolation stand

ISIS Amplifier

The Isis range of dual channel amplifiers from Analog domain represents the current state of the art in linear amplification technology. It is the result of 15+ years experience in high-performance amplifier circuit design, created to deliver exceptional performance at an attractive price point.

The Isis features a proprietary Excalibur circuit. Near-zero distortion, a noise floor well below the human perceptual threshold and the generous power output capability of the Excalibur give the Isis its ability to amplify signals with extreme resolution and control, raising the enjoyment of music to an unprecedented level.

The Isis is available in three configurations: two integrated amplifiers and a matching 2-channel power amplifier, for installations requiring more power in stereo, or for building multi-way systems with frequency splitting, or multi-channel systems.


In his November 2016 review of the Isis M75D Integrated Amplifier, Jason Kennedy of HiFi Plus concluded the following:

"In truth, everything I played offered up new insights into the performance and production: from Radiohead to St Matthew’s Passion it all had oodles of character and depth. The Analog Domain Isis 75D is a remarkable feat of engineering: it reveals the potential of doing things differently and opens the sonic window so wide that it’s hard to believe that this is an integrated amplifier. The presentation is so transparent that you need sources that are equally even-handed, resolute, and low in distortion to get a result that matches this amplifier’s capabilities. But it’s worth the effort in carefully selecting those components. There’s no doubt that Analog Domain is a force to be reckoned with, and that the price is well justified under the circumstances."


Argus Loudspeakers

We proudly display the latest innovation from Analog Domain ... the Argus Loudspeakers. Coming from the world of pro audio, the designer has leveraged his knowledge and experience to deliver a world-class loudspeaker recognized for its ability to reproduce music at all levels of human hearing, both with respect to frequency as well as to sound volume.

For more information, visit the Analog Domain website.