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Lumagen is a specialist in the design and manufacturer of video products for the home and corporate markets. Knowledgable integrators and enthusiasts can use Lumagen's products to provide the best quality and most accurate video images for their home theater installations. Lumagen is based in the state of Oregon and prides itself on excellent customer care. Their user-friendly website support page allows for easy access to software updates, remote files, manuals and utilities.

Radiance Video Processors

The Lumagen video processors improve video quality of virtually projector or flat screen. Doug Blackburn of Widescreen Review had this to say (April, 2009):

In my experience, there is nothing out there that converts SD to HD as well as the Radiance XD. Lumagen's proprietary up-conversion is excellent. As good as the best Gennus VXP and Silicon Optix HQV processors are, the Radiance XD has a clear (pun intended) advantage in the quality of up-conversion. ...

The Radiance XD is an amazing product. It will elevate the performance of any video display beyond what is possible with the display's internal controls. The results are amazing for video displays in any and every price range."





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